A B12 balancing protocol using homeopathy

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What is b12?

Vitamin b12 is an undervalued nutrient in modern culture in many ways. This critical nutrient has an affinity for many tissues in the body, especially the nervous system. Our cellular energy centres, the mitochondria also require it to produce energy effectively and efficiently. We need goo stomach acid, and production of a coenzyme called intrinsic factor to actually absorb in the stomach and intestines from food efficiently. It is a key player in the healthy myelin sheath of nerves. Many chronic conditions involve myelin sheath damage these days, such as MS, CFS,ME and PVFS. In addition, b12 neuropathy and pernicious anaemia(b12 anaemia) this is present. It is worth noting that with pernicious anaemia, the body does not secrete intrinsic factor well to absorb the b12 in the gut. A lack of bioactive b12 can effect our energy levels in drastic ways and creates many problems (including neuropathy), here’s a useful study.(1)

Vitamin b12 and the methylation energy cycle

Here is a diagram that shows(what is called a methylation cycle, which is how B vitamins and other co factors and enzymes create ATP for energy in the mitochondria of a human cell. Adenosine-triphosphate, ATP, is the energy currency of a human cell. Here we can see how much of a critical player b12 is, and how low levels penetrating the cells will lead to fatigue, neurological issues and a host of other problems. This useful diagram also shows the key role of folate and b6, so a b vitamin complex take with the supplement and remedies is useful. It is quite critical the folate is in a bioabsorbable and usable form such as 5-MHTF (L-methyfolate). Many supplements contain folic acid, which the body requires extra assistance in breaking down. If your constitution is already a little on the low side, not a great idea. In addition, the science shows genetically some people struggle with that form due to a lack of certain enzymes for efficient processing. Here’s an article.(2) I’ve also linked a good b complex formula with 5-MHTF if you feel it might help you in the resources part.

Restoring B12 homeopathically

A strange phenomena that can occur, is that the blood indeed has good circulating b12 levels but the cells are not efficiently up-taking the b12. It’s not fulfilling its roll within the biology of the human being. This is where I believe utilisation of potentised b12, in homeopathic form can come in and assist us given time. Homeopathy is essentially an energy based, vibrational form of medicine that instructs the human body in certain ways to accelerate a healing process. Homeopathic cell salts, which are mineral compounds the body uses for cellular function, are instructions to absorb and distribute effectively. This is also where b12 in potentised form can be used with a specific protocol to, essentially like a cell salt. The subtle, electro magnetic aspects to our bodies, which enable is to function as bio electric beings can become damaged in time which effects how our physical tissues work, and the best method is to restore its bio electric function. By simply taking b12 over and over, we will never truly correct the problem and become eternally reliant on injections, because the root cause has not been addressed.

Useful physical supplements to also take if needed

There are some really useful physical form supplements too you can use if you feel they’re needed in this process. This might be because you are vegan or vegetarian or just prefer the idea of having them in the arsenal too. If you refer to the previous methylation diagram, it’s not difficult to see that the most useful forms of b12 are methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin (lots of methyl groups and adenosine). Studies indeed show these are the most bioavailable and tolerated physical forms, ahead of another more shelf stable version called cyanocobalamin (3). A good supplement is a sublingual version that contains both these highly active and useable forms is this one(4). It can also be swallowed too if you would rather, but sublingual is quite effective and direct also. The reason these two forms I recommend are powerful is because they are already in the reduced form the human cell needs to take them in and restore itself, others require through breaking down and a host of other constitutional processes.

The protocol

This is a fantastic protocol, which I have to give credit to my homeopath and her mentor (Ton Jansen). It worked for me to assist in boosting my vital energy, and for them too. Janet (Taylor) actually had quite bad neuropathy that was resolved in weeks.

It’s called a 4×4 course because you take 4 different potencies 4 times each (takes 8 weeks in all). You take the remedies the same day each week e.g. Monday and Thursdays. Here is an example of how you do it:

Week 1, B12 30C: 1 dose on Mon and 1 dose on Thurs

Week 2, B12 30C: 1 dose on Mon and 1 dose on Thurs

Week 3 B12 200c: 1 dose on Mon and 1 dose on Thurs

Week 4 B12 200C: 1 dose on Mon and 1 dose on Thurs

Week 5 B12 1M: 1 dose on Mon and 1 dose on Thurs

Week 6, B12 1M: 1 dose on Mon and 1 dose on Thurs

Week 7, B12 10M: 1 dose on Mon and 1 dose on Thurs

Week 8, B12 10M: 1 dose on Mon and 1 dose on Thurs

Personally when I did the protocol, I went up to a 10m dose then left it at that because I felt that was enough. Janet left hers at 1m because she felt she had done enough, so it is quite important to listen to your body and judge what will be most effective for you here. I also took the b12 supplement daily, which I have in the past and I felt the protocol enhanced the way it worked to some degree compared to my past experiences. I am still taking some b12 daily weeks later but will gradually stop that too to once or twice a week.

If you are receiving other medical treatment of any kind for the b12 anaemia, it might be a good idea just to discuss what you are doing with your GP so that they are comfortable with it and it being done with your other medications or therapies. From my experience and others personal ex[experience, it is very safe along with other medications and therapies but that would be your decision and your GP’s if you wish to consult them.

Extra information

It will likely also be really useful for you to eat a good varied diet that includes some b12 sources, but if you are vegan the supplement and protocol would also be good. Generally free range, pasture raised animals and milk/eggs have the most bioavailable b12. These animals have better building blocks from their natural diet and also the microorganisms from the soil which help them produce b12 naturally in their digestive system.

Additionally, you might consider a good probiotic supplement or some home-made kefir or kombucha. These all contain friendly microbes for the digestive system, and some of them can assist with creating b12 for us internally. Particularly, soil based organism bacteria are the best for this if you can get a supplement with them. Home made kefir and kombucha has trillions of live organisms and are likely to have some key bacteria similar to soil based organisms. This link shows how bacteria from nature produce b12 so we ideally need them in or guts too (5). If you would like a good pill form pro biotic, here is one:


In addition, here is how to make kefir


And kombucha


You can buy start cultures/grains easily on amazon or other health food sites, or in local stores.

Finally, bare in mind that these bacteria need good food to feed on in our digestive tract. So eating plenty of vegetables and fruit like berries and apples is a great idea. I’ve also put the homeopathic b12 in the resources for you.


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B- Complexhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/NATURELO-Complex-Vegetarian-Supplement-Capsules/dp/B078V2VLCT/

Homeopathic b12 – (only available in cyancobalamin at the moment which works well enough in potency- others preferable though) https://www.helios.co.uk/shop/vitamin-b12