About Liam

I’m a 4-year graduate homeopathic practitioner (Contemporary College of Homeopathy Bristol), with a keen interest in fitness and nutrition too; being a qualified personal trainer and kickboxercise instructor. My background was always in Art at college/university, and I still have a passion for that world, but after my health took a turn for the worst at the age of 25, I began to become very interested in health and well-being. I was forced into deep research for years as I was diagnosed with ME, that at one point was considered to possibly be MS. I was bedridden for stretches of time and I had severe pain throughout my whole body and was plagued by years of psychological trauma that loomed over me like a dark cloud. It was in all honesty, a total physical, mental and emotional collapse of health.

As my inner heart of hearts kept whispering to me to explore alternative forms of healing, to not give up and not believe I was doomed, I began to explore naturopathic medicine, diet, movement and adaptogenic herbs. Minerals, and orthomolecular medicine too. This all helped me and kept me centred and purposeful. Eventually, a cascade of events led me to try homeopathics, which became the icing on the cake. The use of homeopathics over a period of time came in to pick up the pieces and link the energy systems of the body back together, where diet and lifestyle were not quite enough by themselves. I also give a big shout out to Bach flower essences, something I’m doing a qualification in right now, as they assist in relieving old emotional traumas and
thought patterns.

The first experience that gave me a tangible, strong feeling with homeopathy was the use of a remedy called nux vomica for anxiety and caffeine sensitivity. I then was treated myself, moving on to other remedies such as thuja and vernix caseosa which helped with some constitutional autoimmune issues (I worked with some great homeopaths such as Marc Blausten and Janet Taylor in this period). I can still remember the stillness that came over me when I took the nux for the first time, it was like time softened, slowed down and normalised. I wasn’t so overwhelmed by everything, so easily. There is a difference between feeling and knowing that demonstrates a certain authenticity to you.

I have also been taught and mentored by some amazing homeopaths I owe thanks to. Mike Bridger, Dion Tabrett and Linda Shannon are all excellent prescribers. I owe them so much for putting up with me and sharing their knowledge. Thanks to you all!