About Liam

I’m a qualified and licensed Homeopath (Contemporary College of Homeopathy Bristol), with a keen interest in fitness and nutrition too; being a qualified personal trainer and kickboxercise instructor. My background was always in Art at college/university, and I still have a passion for that world, but after my health took a turn for the worst at the age of 25, I began to become very interested in health and well-being.  I was diagnosed with ME by multiple doctors – I was exhausted, tired, in pain and nowhere near my usual self. There was always a strong desire to research and understand things in me, and I channeled this natural desire to understand by putting all of my time into studying how I could regain my well-being.

My heart kept telling me to keep going on not give up, there was something to learn here, a life lesson. I began to explore naturopathic medicine, diet, movement and adaptogenic herbs. Minerals, and orthomolecular medicine too. This all helped me and kept me centred and purposeful. Eventually, a cascade of events led me to try homeopathics, which I previously knew littel about. The use of homeopathics over a period of time came in to pick up the pieces and link the energy systems of the body back together, where diet and lifestyle were not quite enough by themselves. I also give a big shout out to Bach flower essences, they are an intuitive system based on emotional states. They have been useful and I also like to prescribe them.

The first experience that gave me a tangible, strong feeling with homeopathy was the use of a remedy called nux vomica for anxiety and caffeine sensitivity. I was highly sensitive and my adrenals were not good, not sleeping well and it was a quick acting experience that was tangible and real. This experience inspired me to keep going with homeopathy

I love hiking, bodyboarding, food/cooking, playing guitar and dog walking in between. Spending time with like minded people and exploring. Being with loved ones. I have also recently discovered cold water swimming and I’ve got to say its a game changer for health too. I would love to get into growing my own remedies and food too.

I have also been taught and mentored by some amazing homeopaths I owe thanks to. Mike Bridger, Dion Tabrett and Linda Shannon are all excellent prescribers. I owe them so much for putting up with me and sharing their knowledge. Thanks to you all!