A B12 balancing protocol using homeopathy

What is b12? Vitamin b12 is an undervalued nutrient in modern culture in many ways. This critical nutrient has an affinity for many tissues in the body, especially the nervous system. Our cellular energy centres, the mitochondria also require it to produce energy...

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The forgotten cell salts, part two

The forgotten cell salts, part two In the last part of my blog I detailed you in on some homeopathic cell salts that are not so well known within practice, but appear to have amazing value for healing acute and chronic health problems In our modern world. Acting as...

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The forgotten cell salts part one

The forgotten cell salts, part one (2 part series) What are cell salts? Today it is quite widely known that Dr Schuessler, a biochemist and homeopath, discovered cell salts from the combustion of human cells. They were residual minerals found within the tissues that...

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