Homeopathy and Mental Health

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Using Homeopathics to assist with deep mental health issues


This is with no doubt a very sensitive area in our modern world. There is an epidemic of mental health issues in our society, and while there are ways we can manage them it can be very difficult to find lasting relief with genuine deep changes in the mind and body.

Here is a useful link from mind shows you just how prevailing and all health disorders are in our modern world. For the purpose of this article I will be focusing on deep seated mental health issues of various kinds.  https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/statistics-and-facts-about-mental-health/how-common-are-mental-health-problems/issues

This area this area is of special significance for me, because I encountered significant challenges during my teen years and my early 20s with chronic challenges in this area. I had OCD, anxiety and deep depression all in one, with night terrors and sleep paralysis. The plus side of this experience, is that I was able to experience some of these states in the worst form, which has led to keen interest in helping others. I believe these chronic mental health conditions deserve a lot of attention and compassion, so we can begin to truly understand them and help heal them.

Additionally, many of the deep seated and more severe mental health issues are often seen as strange or not accepted fully. Those who suffer from these conditions are often seen as odd and can feel ostracized at times.  Whilst there is no doubt some of these conditions are very difficult to treat effectively, I think energetic medicine that works more with subtle energy, such as homeopathics have a good role to play in helping those who are suffering.

There are quite a few remedies in our arsenal that are suited to mental health, in fact most of the to a degree. The focus here is on remedies that are really useful for something deep, where the individual might be on the cusp of something worse happening to their mind and health. These remedies don’t always have to be used in such a situation but are certainly some of our staples.

Where does Homeopathy come in?

Homeopathy is a holistic approach to treating diseases, physical or mental, that puts the individual needs of the patient first. It aims to tailor treatment regime that’s unique and useful to the patient focusing on their personality type, traits, health history, current physical health and much more. By selecting the correct remedy for the individual, the remedy can then be manipulate it with various potencies to suit the energy level of the person being treated. This enables gentle treatment, and also high energy intense acute treatment. It also aims to minimize side effects and unwanted damage to the patient whilst they are healing.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will have a few more tools to help you and those you may care about in a gentle and positive way. If you would like personalized treatment, you can always contact me on my contact page for a local or zoom appointment.

I have decided to put these blogs into a 4-part series as otherwise it would be quite a read for you.

First is hyocyamus, stramonium and naja.

I have included helpful modalities to look for too, which are key notes for the remedies. Bare in mind a proper case needs to be taken of everything, they’re just small pointers. Contact me for more.

Remedies and their sphere of use


Hyocyamus is a rather beautiful plant that grows in various areas of the western world. The yellow colour corresponds to keep issues of shame and guilt in the solar plexus. However, the brain is influenced by the body as a whole Organism, and the imbalance is here will be seen in some strong delusions within the mind. The plant itself is very toxic when consumed, however in homoeopathic potencies it can elicit a healing effect by matching the negative vibration of the person who is unwell.

The main emotions/feelings an individual that might need this remedy would be feeling, are fears and anxieties [particularly of insanity], paranoia, suspicion, jealousy, obsessiveness, guilt, shame,  unworthiness and strange sexual ideas. A really strong theme for this remedy his jealousy and suspicion that stems from a lack of self worth. They may become very jealous and obsessive about their partner or someone they have their eye on. They also can have a habit of wanting to indecently expose themselves sexually in the public eye. They very often within feel very insecure about their own worth, and the behavior is a reflection of just how bad this is. Due to the obsessive nature of those needing the remedy, this is also a very good OCD remedy. Interestingly and importantly, it’s also a good autoimmune remedy. There is this theme of almost being on high alert waiting for the next problem like they are under fire, which fits the theme of the body hurting itself.

Underneath the negative aspects I have listed, is someone who has usually been not seen, heard or valued in some way. A good, sweet person who has given love but perhaps never been appreciated or loved back at all, and they seek attention and make up stores in their mind to cope.

Modalities.—Worse, at night, during menses, after eating, when lying down. Better, stooping, sitting upright, walking and good motion/activity and warmth/heat of any kind.


Stramonium, which has a delicate pink/ purple flower is often known as devils trumpet. Devils trumpet gives us a big clue as to the theme of this remedy and how it may treat patients. Again, this is a highly toxic plant that apart from the flower looks a little bit devilish. In homoeopathic potency this flower has the ability to assist those suffering from quite severe and frightening mental health issues.

The main emotions and mental states that this remedy covers are as follows: paranoia,  claustrophobia (very specific fear of tunnels), terror, fear of insanity, fear of being alone, very low confidence, anger, fear of the dark and evil things, hearing voices and schizophrenia.  There is a real theme of someone who is close to being insane with this remedy, they are reaching breaking point. The patient often feels like they are being strongly influenced/attacked by dark forces. This manifests as anxiety fear and even terror as voices can be heard and there can be a fear of ghosts, spectres, demons and the dark. Another keynote is that there is a fear of tunnels and confined spaces. They feel incredibly alone and often need reassurance and love to keep them  feeling somewhat safe. These patients can feel like there is even an otherworldly force attacking them and following them. This will usually be something paranormal in nature or strange. They can have strong outbursts of anger and act out of character in these moments and lose themselves. This is why stramonium is one of the chief remedies for paranoid schizophrenia. A remedy for night terrors as you can imagine.

Its easy to think that someone needing stramonium might be a broken record of a human being but as always, underneath you’ll likely find a very sensitive and creative person that is incredibly low on confidence and frustrated. They can on te flip side easily be naturally clairvoyant, loving and sensitive soul.

Modalities.—Worse, in dark room, when alone, looking at bright or shining objects, after sleep, on swallowing. Better, from bright light, company, warmth.


Naja is a remedy which is not quite so dark in its sphere of influence, but still deeply assists with neutralizing some very negative states. As the name suggests, it is made from the venom of a snake, in the instance it is the king cobra. The soul of this remedy is based strongly on insecurity, jealousy and low self esteem.

Moving deeper into this remedy and its nature, we see a timidity and weakness of the heart. It is an excellent remedy for certain heart conditions. There are significant parts of the psyche it aligns with. Extreme feelings of abandonment and neglect, to the point that they’re practically imaginary. They especially feel this way towards their lovers and friends. There’s also guilt and shame for little reason too, over trifles. These patients might have vivid imaginations that can create problems that do not exist in their everyday life, from all the over thinking and over sensitivity. Another strong key note, is that the patient feel under control of external superhuman forces, similar to that of thuja. They don’t feel quite in control, or right. Something strange is afoot and influencing their very life, torturously so. A lack of spiritual protection. Left sided aches and pains, and heart problems. They feel deeply unloved; this is why it is such a heart and mind remedy, the bridge between them needs assistance to repair and rebalance.

Again, here we always need to keep in mind that the person underneath this remedy is naturally confident and grounded in their positive state. It is negative life experience such as childhood neglect that laid the foundation for their current negative state.

Modalities.—Worse, from use of stimulants of any kind of over stimulating activities, entertainment ; better, from walking or riding in open air after consolation and attention from loved ones( partners )

That’s the first part of the series. More to come weekly on this one.


Here we have another snake venom remedy, here from the fabled and deadly bushmaster rattlesnake. Lachesis is a classic remedy that can work for certain bites and stings acutely, and is similar to naja but more aggressive and less enveloped in their imaginary shame and darkness. They are still very prone to their jealousy, paranoia and suspicion, but tend to lean towards anger, hatred and vengefulness rather than guilt, shame and low self esteem, but these would still be buried within too.

The soul of this snake remedy is centered around anger, aggression, jealousy, paranoia and resentment. Everyone around them appears to be the enemy and they are read to strike out as a form of self-preservation. The Naja type is on high alert but not in such a defensive way and lacks confidence. Lachesis types are loquacious and confident people o the contrary, it is one of the most loquacious remedies in all of homeopathy.

Where this is deep suspicion, jealousy and paranoia that lead to plotting for revenge (and aggression) this is a very good remedy to consider. This resentment and anger towards others can be very critical and ungrounded, and over trifling matters and circumstances. We all experience these emotions, none of us are angels. But in this state it is exaggerated and if not treated something could get really out of hand with their sense of right and wrong. Lachesis is a bit more domineering, whereas the naja type is a little more yielding, lower in self esteem.

I always remember the saying “ hurt people, will hurt people” with lachesis. Underneath they usually will have been hurt in some way by others, perhaps repeatedly. Their ego is trying to defend itself. There is every chance on the flip side underneath it all they’re a giving, trusting person who has lost their way.

Modalities.—Worse, after sleep, (Kali bich). Lachesis sleeps into aggravation; ailments that come on during sleep (Calc); left side, in the spring, warm bath, pressure or constriction, hot drinks. Closing eyes. Better, appearance of discharges, warm applications


Anacardium is made from the poisonous nut of the said plant. This powerful remedy is not always needed for someone who is so out of control (same with all of these remedies- I am using quite extreme examples) but can be very useful in dire situations.

This remedy is of particular importance in our current state as a species because it assists with OCD, ADHD and schizophrenia. These mental states are tough work to overcome, and of course need conjunctive therapy such as CBT or counseling.

This remedy has a strong fear of being alone with the feeling of being forsaken. There is a sense of deep inner turmoil and polarity within. In fact, this is one of the few remedies we are prescribed for a sense of duality from within, a fight between the light and the dark. I said saying for this remedy is there is an Angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. This should give you some clear insight into just how bad the inner polarity and sense of duality is. There is still this sense of superhuman control and influence underlying the remedy, and that general fear that one is losing their own mind. This remedy tends to be needed for individuals who are also more aggressive verbally and physically. They can be quite cruel one moment and then lovely the next.

There is usually as always someone underneath who is a victim of circumstance in their life. Someone who has a very active mind, imagination and is a creative type who never was guided on how to use their intuition and intellect to channel themselves properly. On the flip side, once better they can regain their focus, passion (it’s useful for ADD too) and confidence once again as that’s their natural state.

Modalities.—Worse, on application of hot water. Better, from eating. When lying on side, from rubbing.

 Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica is a somewhat under prescribed and underused remedy from my own experience and research. Quite obviously made from the marijuana plant and a well known strain at that, when we look into the common mental states experienced from over use of this herb, you get an idea of what it is  used for in homoeopathic potency.

Whilst remedy does indeed have many similarities to the remedies already discussed, as it’s useful for ADD, schizophrenia, paranoia, anxiety and fears related to insanity and delusions, it also has its own succinct themes. By this we see a theme of a more dreamlike consciousness, where the individual is somewhat dissociated from reality.

In this remedy we see extremely poor focus, an inability to be fully present due to a lack of closeness with reality. You can expect the individual to be poor at completing tasks. Cannabis indica has more of a dazed and confused look in their eyes, caused by their dissociated state. They have a very strong fear of insanity, perhaps stronger than the other remedies mentioned. They may also become paranoid about figments of their own imagination, created events in their mind they believe may happen. The consciousness can become split with multiple personalities and voices. This remedy has very low energy and motivation due to the vexed or spaced out state.

Underneath this all again, is usually some kind of traumatic event that has triggered the descendance into this state. This may be something violent or humiliating and may come from childhood at its earliest seed. The person could easily be a natural creative, hard working type that have focus like no other in their natural state of being.

Modalities.—Worse, morning; from coffee, liquor and tobacco; lying on right side. Better from fresh air, cold water, rest of any kind

Mercurius Sol

Mercury as you would likely know, is a highly toxic and volatile metal that is indeed liquid at room temperature. Mercury is very classical homoeopathy in the sense it’s a highly toxic and volatile substance that in small amounts can create deep pathological changes in the human body and mind. The tissues are easily affected and the biochemistry is changed.

As a homoeopathic remedy it’s got many uses so we will focus on its uses for psychiatric conditions and why it’s a useful tool. It shares many similarities to the previous remedies but again has its own unique aspects. There is a real theme here of suspicion, mistrust towards others and sometimes aggressive, malevolent intent but this is rare.  This can haunt their mind and distract them. They can feel like the world is a hostile place and people are not their friends. Underneath this there can be a hurt individual that requires love and can also be highly loving themselves. Often there is a sequence of past events that have made them go into such a defensive state that hurt them.

Mercurius can also plot against imaginary threats in their mind due to their mistrustful nature towards others. A keynote to separate this one from other remedies is that their fear and guilt is worse at night. At night their mental delusions come to haunt them, and their physical conditions also worsen. There is a deep fear of the dark. Note that these patients can often have trembles, physical arthritis and usually are mentally a little bit dull and slow compared to the norm. This is also why it’s a good remedy for Alzheimer’s and dementia. As you may have guessed, those losing their mind in this state may be forgetful too. Like the other discussed remedies there is a fear of insanity.

Again, a chronic fatigue remedy where heavy metal toxicity might be in the picture. The patient is mentally exhausted due to cognitive decline.  Obsessive thinking that’s in this remedy looms over the patient like a dark cloud. Almost like an attack on them daily. It’s this theme of self sabotage that also makes it a valuable auto immune remedy.

Modalities.—Worse, at night, wet, damp weather, lying on right side, perspiring; warm room and warm bed, mental work. Better, day time, fresh air, movement, after sleep or rest of any kind, fasting


Opium is obviously a well known chemical extracted from poppy seeds. It’s been used as a intoxicating substance for thousands of years for the dreamlike consciousness it induces, and pain relief it brings. This sets the theme and tone for it as a homoeopathic remedy too.

It has parallels and similarities to cannabis indica in the sense that the patient will often seem very dreamlike and not with reality. You can expect to see a vacant and spaced look in their eyes, as if they have suffered a fright at some stage and never recovered. It has uses for PTSD, dissociative personality disorders, fear and shock. ADD is also worth a mention here, as the person requiring this remedy often is vacant and lacks focus and attention.

I can remember quite vividly from my training days, a strong key note for this remedy was not been well since. This is a keynote which will help to separate this remedy from others, the individual in this state usually has had some kind of traumatic event, some kind of upheaval or change in their life that has triggered the decline into this state. If we think of the physical uses opium and morphine have for intense pain, try to think a little more abstractly for the mental and emotional pain one may have, that would leave them in a slightly vacant and dissociated state of mental anguish.

As with any remedy, just because the person sounds in a highly negative state it does not mean the core human underneath is not good natured or powerful. A patient needing this remedy has usually descended because of a deeply traumatic event that left a scar on the soul level, and they can e a deeply powerful, kind and strong individual underneath,

Modalities.—Worse, heat of any kind, stuffiness, during and after sleep (Apis; Lach.), over stimulation. Better, cold things, constant walking, movement and fresh air


Definitely one of our more obscure and unsettling remedies, this remedy is prepared from diseased syphilis tissue. We class this variety of remedy as a nosode. This remedy in particular has very appropriate uses for people who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, with a strong fear of one’s own insanity. Symptoms are always worse at night and there may be a fear of the night itself. The patient almost appears to be in a cloud of darkness within their life. Like a cloud that follows them distorting events in their mind. There is a fear of bacteria, germs and viruses and obsessive cleanliness.

When we think of this remedy, we see a theme of self destruction. Both on the physical and cellular level, and the mental and emotional plane. This concurs with the general theme of the illness itself, which is that of tissue damage and destruction of the self. Not surprisingly, it’s a very good remedy for autoimmune diseases and chronic fatigue syndrome too, if the fatigue is caused by auto immunity and obsessive thought, cleanliness and ritualistic behavior. Someone may be on the cusp of some very paranoid and self-destructive behavior with OCD, to the point where they may become locked in with agoraphobia.

I always see an individual underneath this remedy who is sensitive and good willed, often creative at heart (its almost like they are a bored creative type with on overactive imagination). They have lost their way in life as we all do, and their creative expression is muddled, lost within obsessive tendencies and confusion that boxes them in a loop of behavior and mind games.

Modalities.—Worse, at night, sundown to sunrise, seashore, in summer. Better, inland and mountains, during day, moving about slowly.


I believe another remedy that deserves are mentioned here, but that is perhaps not quite so dark and crazy in its profile is this one. Prepared from cancerous tissue in a high dilution, this is another one of our nosode remedies.

It’s an appropriate remedy again for the theme of OCD, deep shame and guilt, strong fears and anxieties related to the health of others and oneself. Again, there is a strong fear of diseases, especially cancer. I believe what separates carc from syph with OCD Is that it is perhaps more mental and emotional than syph with its symptoms. A theme of I am not worthy, and a disregard of self is here. A deep shame and unacceptance of self. They are more likely to have intrusive, or impure thoughts in their mind that haunt them and they then create mental , obsessive methods of coping. They’re never good enough in their own eyes. It is again not surprisingly also an auto immune remedy, with this theme of the neglect of self and self destruction. They are often worrying about the health of others deeply as well as themselves, to the point of it terrifying them with daily anxiety. Often, they like to be taken care of, rather than make their own way as they fear not being good enough and failing so powerfully.

This is a remedy where the patient could be in such a deep state of despair, suffering and melancholy that they could be approaching a dangerously depressed state. It’s a good one to lift them out before something worse happens. This is often tied into emotional hurt and resentment they harbour deeply.

Underneath all this is a patient who is very kind hearted and good willed. They are champions of society who care deeply about the world and others. The fear, melancholy and guilt has pushed them inwards in a negative way that stops them fulfilling this goal of sharing and nurturing others fully. Going inwards with forgiveness and courage is what the remedy can help with.

Modalities; Better: To dance, Music, Maritime climate, prone position while sleeping or fetal position, animals and people.

Worse: Music (either way), thunderstorms, noise and sound sensitivity, alone


Veratrum Is a very unique and important remedy for us.it has a very unique and pronounced mental emotional picture, which includes haughtiness, self righteousness and delusions of grandeur.   Quite often they will obsess over certain ideas and causes and wish to impose that on others, perhaps become in extreme conditions megalomaniacs or people with saviour complexes. Of course, delusions and paranoia can all make an appearance here.

The patient needing this remedy will often be very loquacious and come across well spoken. Often they can have strong religious views or cult like views, which lead them to a cause of some kind they become obsessed with, not accepting others views or even listening. There is an unfortunate habit of someone needing this remedy of also lying to get others to listen to them or believe them. They will potentially manipulate to get their way.  Commonly they will lie and create stories to others about their status, life and job too, creating a fake reality they cling to appears better than they are as there is a deep stream of lack hidden within, where they feel not enough in some way. This might be more unconscious than conscious or could be both depending on the individual.

Veratrum people can be great contributors to society in balance. Lying within is a person with great perseverance ad something to share with society that is meaningful and good, but has become distorted along the way.

Modalities.—Worse, at night; wet, cold weather. Better, walking and warmth.

Aurum Metallicum

Aurum met is what we commonly know as gold. Obviously a fairly dense metal, it is used in trace amounts in the human body but beyond that is highly toxic as you can imagine. In homeopathy it has an affinity for treating deep seated, sometimes suicidal depression.

The picture we see here is one of deep sadness and suffering. Often the individual will seemingly have much to be happy about but is still in search of happiness, only finding melancholy. You may even find someone with much wealth and friends/family sink into this state (not always). There is a feeling for them that their life is not enough, and they are not worthy. Everything seems so pointless and insignificant. A deep need for more and a lack of ability to see what’s good and to be grateful for.

They will often seek to be alone away from everyone and weep or go into deep suffering. There is often a deep need for a partner to but a lack of ability to get one. In their solace, a key note for something that makes them feel better is music. Music deeply affects them and can lift their suffering quickly.