The forgotten cell salts, part two

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The forgotten cell salts, part two

In the last part of my blog I detailed you in on some homeopathic cell salts that are not so well known within practice, but appear to have amazing value for healing acute and chronic health problems In our modern world. Acting as harmonizers of critical minerals within our own body, instructing the biochemistry to deposit them effectively into the right tissues around the body. As we know, minerals are part of the bioelectric organism that our body is. Sharing photonic information and electric energy between various systems throughout our whole being. If our body lacks a certain one, then we can bet organ and cognitive function suffers as the circuit becomes shorted in some small way initially, and then in turn a chronic, multifaceted big way. These minerals quite often correspond to quite specific mental and emotional disturbances too, due to their affinity for specific tissues. Nerves and kidneys may affect anxiety levels for example, and heart tissues may cause sadness. Brain tissues may cause confusion and poor memory, or hysteria. And so on, depending on what has become deficient or excessive in the body’s tissues.

I will continue using as much as I can find on facial diagnosis from other practitioners who I will credit duly and also from other information sources. Bare in mind there is no real solid scientific evidence other than practice and observation from homeopaths for years with the facial diagnosis. However, science is exploring what minerals do to our bodies and skin, and it can be at least understandable that a silica which is a constituent element of the skin for an example can produce crows feet on the face when there is a deficiency. Natrum mur, which controls water balance can produce puffy and saggy eyes, due to the collection of water there. Those are both prime (12 main) tissue salts though and these smaller ones are less well known. There are some homeopathic provings which provide some evidence of some of the remedies too and how they may affect this but not all are covered that in depth in the materia medica.

The fifteen cell salts that are not used so often are as follows:

Salt and body affinity

N. 13 Potassium arsenite – Skin, vitality

No.14 Potassium bromide – Nervous system, skin

No. 15 Potassium iodide – Thyroid gland

No. 16 Lithium chloride – Rheumatism, nerves

No. 17 Manganese sulphate – Iron system

No.18  Calcium sulphide – Vitality, body weight

No.19 Copper arsenite – Digestive system, kidneys

No.20 Potassium aluminium sulphuricum – Digestive system, nervous system

No.21 Zinc chloride – Metabolism, womb, nerves

No. 22 Calcium carbonate – Vitality, Anti Aging, Calcium system

no.23 Sodium bicarbonate – Purification, Body acid balance

No.24 Arsenic iodide – Skin, allergies

No.25 Aurum chloratum natronatum – Day and night rhythm, female reproductive organs

No.26 Selenium – Liver, blood vessels

No.27 Potassium dichromate – Blood, sugar metabolism

This table is provided courtesy of It provides the name of each salt and a simple outline of the affinity they have with enhancing the function of the body. These cell salts can have many uses beyond what I’ve listed here, this is just the predominant use. I would recommend to see everything that each one can do. This is article is a simplified guide and introduction. In addition, some of these remedies have full homeopathic provings you can see on for free. These proving provide detailed uses and extra information

Lets pick up where we left off with one of my favourite forgotten cell salts, Zinc chloride (Zincum muriaticum).

Zinc Chloride (Zincum muriaticum)

It’s no surprise that the largest theme of this cell salt is immune function and the nervous system. Modern bio chemistry has confirmed the role of zinc within the human body in these roles. You can easily find scientific studies and research confirming this so there Is no need for me to link here. This cell salt has prime uses for immunodeficiency, weak nerves and also infertility. The balance of zinc/copper within the body is essential for proper hormonal function, zinc especially so for men. A lack of zinc can correlate to low sperm count, as it is directly involved in the process needed to create them. Zinc is a know is a well known nerve nutrient and it’s needed to produce lymphocytes in good concentrations to protect us from foreign bodies. The mental emotional field of this remedy is anxiety, dullness and depression which is not surprising. The mind will tend to wonder, especially at night according to provings. Insomnia, utter inability to sleep. Here is a study showing the importance of zinc with immunity(1)

Facial diagnosis

  • Herpes
  • White vermilion line above lips
  • Pale and anxious look
  • Pimples

Calcium carbonate (Calcarea carbonica)

Calcium carbonate or calc carb as its known in homeopathy, is a well know remedy within the field of homeopathy. It’s also a cell salt that can be found directly within the human body and has numerous functions. Calcium as we know has a strong affinity for various functions within our body, particular the bones, skin and collagen. There’s also need of it in metabolism and the lymphatic system. The theme here with this cell salt is anti ageing properties, developmental problems and weight problems. Osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis. Both of these conditions are caused by excessive calcifications, which like calcium fluoride it can help to reduce. The mental emotional theme of this remedy is similar to homeopathic provings, there is anxiety (almost child like-developmental issues), there is a lack of will and there can be melancholia and sadness. It is a fascinating remedy because it promotes growth of the under developed, but also inhibits excessive growth and over production for the ageing. An essential thing to have in balance to be able to function normally.

Facial diagnosis

  • Puffy face
  • Big skin pores
  • Dermatitis
  • Red patches on cheeks. Yellow complexion.

Arsenic Iodide (Arsenicum iodatum)

This small and not well known salt has primary uses are for allergies, acne, hay fever and eczema. It can also be used for tendovaginitis as a cream if mixed into one (note that any cell salt can be used as a cream topically if it is applicable). Interestingly, it is also useful in cancer treatment assistance too which relates to the umbrella of arsenic remedies strongly. It was used also as an influenza remedy, which arsenicum often is too due to a marked anti inflammatory action on the bronchial tunes and lungs when there is yellow honey like discharge, and it was a remedy Kent had good work with. It’s an effective psoriasis remedy when the back is mostly afflicted. Like arsenicum, there is a marked effect on the liver. Here is a study showing the effectiveness of arsenicum as a remedy for Sars CoV 2 if called for too, whilst not this cell salt you can relate a little. It details many other remedies too, but in one case arsenicum was very useful(2). Mental emotional is an aversion to work and study, poor focus and marked irritability with a frontal dull headache.

Facial diagnosis

  • pimples
  • narrow cheeks
  • rash
  • reddened eyes
  • scratches

Sodium bicarbonate ( Natrum bicarb)

The theme of this cell salt is very much acidity balance in the body and effective digestion which can result in metabolic weakness for the patient. Along with Natrum phosphate, its a great alkaliser to the tissues (it does not make them alkaline, merely balances slight acidity In the body and tissues so other minerals are not used up needlessly). As you would expect, an effective heartburn remedy for over acidity of the stomach and problems with the illiocecal valve, which is the valve that gets painful from heartburn just above the stomach. It’s better than simply guzzling sodium bicarb because that can be too alkalizing to the stomach acid and inhibit digestion. This form the body uses in moderation with its innate intelligence. Modern science actually shows that sodium bicarb is actually squirted out just after the stomach in the upper colon, to create the right PH for digestion after the stomach acid has worked its magic. This is vital for good bowel health and the cultivation of the correct microbes as they require the right pH. It also allows certain enzymes for full digestion and assimilation to work effectively as certain enzymes such as amylase do not function well in high acidity. The mental emotional profile of this remedy is limited in provings and information, but if it is anything like the acidity that Natrum phos has, it would create irritability, mental fatigue and a certain unfriendliness or even hostility (think of that acidity, irrtation and aggravation of mind and body). I would expect the facial diagnosis, while I have no information as such to be similar to Natrum phos. The acidity can create acne, pimples and also wide pores and black heads with an oily T-zone.


Aurum chloride Sodium (Aurum chloratum natronatum)

This again is a small salt with limited information but some sublime uses. The main theme of use here are biological rhythms like sleep wake cycles, heart problems and menstrual issues. The remedy has an affinity for the pineal gland, heart and liver too. James Burnett liked this remedy and said it had more effectiveness for uterine tumors than anything else he found. Indeed, according to Hale this is the most active of all the preparations of gold, which says a lot and perhaps means it is under used. There is limited information on the mind here, but I have found grief and love sickness as one of the components which relates strongly to the aurum and sodium(natrum) aspect, which are both powerful grief and heart remedies. The remedy is listed as useful for hair loss too, which sodium chloride (natrum muriaticum) also is useful for, it strengthens the hair. This likely corresponds to that part of the salt meaning this is a very complex, broad acting and underused cell salt. Unfortunately I don’t have any facial diagnosis data here for this one, but grief and sadness usually produces a frowning expression, dry eyes and eye lids and puffiness under the eyes, similar to natrum mur.


Selenium is actually an element and not a salt as such, but it is listed as one of the key minerals in the whole range. This powerful mineral has a strong affinity for the liver and detoxification and is involved heavily in cell protection. There is often and enlargement of the liver itself where it is needed (alcoholism certainly would not help with a deficiency!). You could expect to be exhausted and burnt out too if you have a severe deficiency and this is a full body exhaustion with a need to sleep. Interestingly, modern science does show(3) that selenium is involved in cell protection and antioxidant function, so us homeopaths were quite on to something early on. People who need selenium are sensitive to heat and hot weather (and dislike fresh open air!) usually according to provings, and have intense headaches, melancholia and marked irritability. Selenium patients will often crave cold drinks and cold air. You can expect the patient to have an emaciated and unhealthy look too. Memory problems related to working life and business are also listed in provings and bad interruptions of sleep despite good sleep hygiene (bad dreams and nightmares). Again there is no real facial diagnosis here for this one other than that the person often looks unhealthy and has emaciated skin. Due to its affinity for liver health, you would imagine there may be some jaundice in the face (yellowing) if there is a deficiency but that’s just my thoughts.

Potassium dichromate (Kalium bichrome)

Potassium dichromate or Kali Bich as it is often known is a salt of potassium and chromium (2 chromium atoms). This cell salt has an affinity for the liver again as an organ. It is used widely for arteriosclerosis, diabetes and weight gain(slow metabolic rate). It is interesting that the cell salt actually is useful for diabetes, because chromium in modern science has been shown(4) to be a key player in blood sugar control in the body. It allows glucose into the cell for energy efficiently along with vanadium, another fantastic trace mineral. Insulin resistance often causes arteriosclerosis because high levels of circulating insulin damage arterial walls, which causes them to plaque themselves in defence, so one can see why this is a good arteriosclerosis remedy. A big key note here is congestion of the mucus membrane and sinusitis too. Painful glands on the neck with swelling. Often these pains go throughout the head and down the neck with neck stiffness. It’s also a great glue ear remedy due to its ability to help with such congestion. While not too much is listed with the mental emotional aspect, there is mental fatigue and inability to cope with stress well due to the physical symptoms. You can expect low mood with weight gain and other emotional disturbances. No facial diagnosis I could find for this one but you would guess a puffy and imbalanced look to the individual with the swollen sinuses and glands.

That’s all for my forgotten cell salts series. Here is part one if you haven’t seen it for any reason!

Remember that many of the uses for these remedies come from clinical experience over hundreds of years and homeopathic provings. While there is limited studies from modern science directly, they have been used widely and effectively in clinical practice for some time. I can’t promise everything is perfect and will always work because the human body is very intricate and unique in its needs, so what might seem like one thing it needs can still be another. These are here just to inspire you to give them ago with patents or yourself in a gentle and intuitive way.

I of course practice with these if necessary and the other foundation 12 cell salts. If you ever want to know more or have an online or in person session just contact me and I’m here to help.